Crayon Eraser Art

eraser Use a crayon, paper and an eraser to make stunning art projects.


  • To build direction following skills
  • To teach children to "think outside of the box" when using their art supplies

Before You Start: Gather paper, crayons, erasers, pencils and scissors. Die-cut shapes would work great for speedier preparation and for ease when working with younger kids. Also, cardstock would be a great paper choice, but you can use any paper.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Have children cut any shape they like out of construction paper.

Step 2. On top of a scrap piece of paper, color the outermost part of your shape with the crayons. See above photo for reference.

Step 3. Then place your shape onto the paper that you want the crayon to rub onto. Use the end of an eraser to rub the color from your shape to the new paper.

Furthermore: If you cut your shape out of the middle of the paper, you can use that leftover paper to create a different look. Color the outside of where the shape used to be and then rub the color to the inside of the shape. This technique always looks amazing! Try this idea on tons of shapes!

Products You May Need: