Count the Snowmen

countsnowmen Look through old Christmas cards you have saved and that parents have donated to you. Find the ones with snowmen on them. Let the children help you sort through them. If you don't have enough cards saved, enlist the help of the parents and children to begin collecting for you.


  • Improve math skills such as sorting and counting
  • Offer opportunities for practice with cutting skills
  • Guide children to work together as a group to accomplish a goal

Before You Start: Set out the snowmen cards, scissors, and glue. Prepare a numbered chart from one to ten with a horizontal line next to each number.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Encourage the children to cut out the snowmen and glue the correct number of snowmen next to the number on the chart.

Furthermore: Try making different types of counting charts throughout the year! You may also wish to laminate the charts to help them last a long time.

Products You May Need: