Beautiful Ornaments

beautornaments This is a fun, open-ended activity.


  • To let the children make their own ornaments by using their own imagination

Before You Start: Collect items such as buttons, gems, sequins, glitter, beans (black and white), rice, etc. Cut large circles out of different construction paper. Other things you will need are glue and something to hang the ornaments with such as string or pipe cleaners.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Have each child choose a color for their ornament.

Step 2. Put all the decorating items on the table along with the glue.

Step 3. Show them some examples then have them create their own unique design using the different items.

Step 4. This is fun and you can use any items you choose.

Furthermore: These are great to send home or to use to decorate your classroom!

Products You May Need: