Bead Ornaments / Decorations

beadornaments You can use pipe cleaners and an assortment of beads to make great holiday ornaments!


  • To make an ornament for your home, while you're at school

Before You Start: Get various festive colored beads (large enough for a pipe cleaner to fit through) and festive colored pipe cleaners. Set out scissors and trays for the kids to work on.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. The kids simply slide their beads of choice onto the pipe cleaners.

Step 2. Bend the pipe cleaner into the shape of the ornament that they want and they're done!

Step 3. Some of these can get pretty ornate, or somewhat simple, like candy canes or wreaths.

Furthermore: Get various sized pipe cleaners according to their thickness - some beads won't slip over thick pipe cleaners and some won't hold so well on the really thin pipe cleaners, so give options. Use what they make on the classroom tree, or as classroom decorations. Clean up is a cinch!

Products You May Need: