Hanukkah Table Centerpiece

hanukkah What better way to decorate your table this Hanukkah season than with a centerpiece you have designed yourself. With a white place mat, felt, some fabric paint, and a candle flame sponge, you can design a wonderful centerpiece to decorate your table for all the nights of Hanukkah. And, as an extra bonus, you can "light" a candle on your centerpiece every night with a bit of yellow fabric paint. Children that are too young to actually light real candles will enjoy this craft where they too can "light" a menorah and thus begin to learn about the menorah and Hanukkah traditions.


  • Create a festive table decoration for Hanukkah

Before You Start: Materials: A plain fabric place mat, yellow fabric paint, a sponge, scissors, yellow felt, blue felt and Tacky glue. Before doing the craft with your class or family, make enough felt menorahs and sponge "flames" for each child. Older children may be able to cut out the menorahs and flames for themselves, but younger children may need help with these parts of the activity.

Provide each child with a menorah, a place mat, blue felt, and scissors. Have tacky glue, blue and yellow fabric paint, scissors, and sponges available in the middle of the table for children to share.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Create a menorah out of yellow felt.

Step 2. Fold the felt in half (this way, your menorah will end up symmetrical around the Shamash candle holder).

Step 3. Draw half of a menorah on your piece of felt. (I used the entire piece of felt for my menorah) Use a dull pencil to draw on your felt. Remember to draw the center candle holder (the candle that holds the Shamash) half as wide as you want it to be, so it will end up the same size as the other candle holders, because it is on the fold of the fabric.

Step 4. Cut out the menorah along the fold. Make sure you have four candle holders curving up on each side of the Shamash, which is in the center candle holder.

Step 5. Cut a candle flame out of a sponge (enough for each child to have one).

Step 6. Give each child a menorah and the rest of the materials mentioned in the preparation.

Step 7. Have the children glue the menorah onto their place mat in the center about one inch up from the bottom of the place mat.

Step 8. Next have the children cut out nine candles (about 1/2" by 3") out of blue felt to put on their menorahs.

Step 9. Now the children can glue the candles on their menorahs.

Step 10. Next the children can write Happy Hanukkah on the centerpiece.

Step 11. On the first day of Hanukkah, give each child a sponge shaped like a flame and a little yellow fabric paint.

Step 12. The children can use the sponge and fabric paint to "light" their menorah centerpiece each day of Hanukkah. Have them light the Shamash (the candle in the middle) first. Then, each day of Hanukkah, the children can "light"(from left to right) another candle in addition to the Shamash.

Furthermore: Hanukkah starts this year at sundown on December 15th. If you need more information about the celebration of Hanukkah, there is a wonderful new book out, "Celebrate Hanukkah," by Deborah Heiligman. You can find out lots of interesting information in this book about Hanukkah including how to light the menorah (from left to right after the Shamash) and many other interesting facts.

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