Indian Corn

indiancorn Begin this fall-themed activity by showing the children a real ear of Indian Corn and one of regular corn. Let them touch each one to feel the difference.


  • To learn about Indian Corn
  • To use senses of touch and sight with the different ears of cornTo encourage fine motor skills

Before You Start: You will need yellow construction paper for the ears of corn and green or yellow-green tissue paper for the "husks." Place unpopped popcorn kernels (regular and white) in paper plates on the table. Have glue and paint (brown, red, and orange) available as well as one or two cotton swabs per child. Put glue in bowls on table with paint brushes.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. First, the children will need to cut out one ear of corn from yellow construction paper for themselves - as well as cutting out "husks" from green or yellow-green tissue paper.

Step 2. Point out to them that the popcorn on the plates is yet another kind of corn.

Step 3. Demonstrate painting glue onto a paper ear of corn and tell the children to do this.

Step 4. Instruct them to pick up pieces of popcorn a few at a time and put them onto the glue.

Step 5. As each child finishes gluing, give them several cotton swabs and tell them to "dot" brown, orange and red paint onto the glued popcorn.

Furthermore: This activity can be a bit messy, so placing a piece of waxed paper underneath this project makes it easier to pick up and transport when finished.

Products You May Need: