Let's Make a Pumpkin


This is a project that the 3-K children at our center love to do each year. We put the whole department's pumpkins together to make one big pumpkin patch bulletin board in our main hallway.


  • To teach the children how pumpkins grow
  • To explore with our senses the different aspects of a pumpkin

Before You Start:
Bring a large pumpkin with the top already "opened" to class. Prepare squares of tissue paper in different shades of orange (you will need a lot) and buy a pack or two of ready to eat pumpkin seeds. Cut about 1/4 skein of orange yarn into 1 or 2 inch pieces. Cut out large pumpkin shapes from orange construction paper, one per child. Cut out green or brown stems for children to glue. You will need bowls of glue with brushes on the tables.

Let's Get Started!
Step 1.
Have the children sit on the floor and read a book about growing pumpkins. Then show them the real pumpkin you brought to class.

Step 2.
Pull off the top and let each child smell it and talk about what it smells like.

Step 3.
Then let each child who wants to reach into the pumpkin to see what it feels like.

Step 4.
Have the children sit at the tables and show them how to make their pumpkin. Demonstrate brushing the glue on the pumpkin and placing seeds, tissue squares (for the pulp) and yarn (for the strings) on the glue, and how to glue the stem at the top.

Depending on the age and maturity of the children, you may want to brush the glue on for them. I do this activity with four separate classes of 15 children each and this number always works well.

Products You May Need: