Book Introduction

bookintroduction It is important for children who will be entering kindergarten to have some understanding of prepositions. So I use this learning technique before story time that they really love. Parents often comment that the children do it at home too!


  • To understand spatial relationships
  • To learn prepositions
  • To reinforce concepts about print

Let's Get Started! Step 1. At circle time when you are ready to read your book, place it on your head and balance it. Say, "I have a book that is on my head!" At this point you have their attention every time.

Step 2. Then place the book under your chair and say, "I have a book that is under my chair!" Then wave the book in a circle and say, "I have a book that is everywhere! Would you like to read it with me?" The children usually yell, "Yes!"

Step 3. Then you introduce the book, "This is the front. This is the back. This is the spine that holds my book together."

Furthermore: My class gets excited every time I start a book this way. You can also introduce right and left by saying "I have a book that is to my right. I have a book that is to my left, I have a book that is on my head and ready to be read!" Remember when you face the children to use your opposite hands so that they hold up the correct hand as they will mirror your movements.

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