Terra-Cotta BioColor® Pot

terracottapot This fun activity makes a wonderful gift or keepsake.


  • To help develop fine motor skills using paint and balloons - and to have fun!

Before You Start: You will Need: newspaper to protect the workspace, paper plates for the paint, small terra-cotta pots, balloons and BioColor® paint. *Due to choking hazards, please take extra precaution when using balloons with children. Adult supervision is necessary for this activity.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Spread out paper or cover table with tablecloths.

Step 2. Have each child choose three colors of BioColor® for their pot.

Step 3. Put those three colors on a paper plate so they are touching each other.

Step 4. Blow up the balloon the size of a tennis ball and tie off.

Step 5. Set the pot on the table cover and show them how to hold the pot steady with their hand.

Step 6. Dip the balloon is all three paint colors and bounce the balloon on the pot.

Step 7. Move the pot around until it is all covered.

Step 8. Set aside to dry.

Step 9. BioColor® will not flake off and does not need a sealer.

Furthermore: Sculpt your own terra cotta colored pot out of clay and then decorate with BioColor® paint, or you can also use papier-mâché flower pots for this activity.

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