The Attribute Game

attributegame The Attribute Game is a simple math and language activity where children choose small objects from a basket based on their attributes and match them to objects already placed in the play area. As each object is added, children create a long line or "snake". This is a great game that can be played almost anywhere with whatever materials happen to be on hand.


  • To develop descriptive language and reasoning skills

Before You Start: In a basket collect about twenty small objects. These items can be anything from beads to marker tops, an odd puzzle piece, a teddy bear, a paper clip, a crayon, etc.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Explain attributes to the children with a simple example. (ie. the teddy bear is brown and the paper sack is brown.)

Step 2. Ask the children to come up with their own examples.

Step 3. Introduce the basket of loose objects.

Step 4. Begin by closing your eyes and selecting one object from the basket and placing it on the play space.

Step 5. The first player must select another object that "is the same" as the first object in some way.

Step 6. Each child takes a turn choosing an object that is the “same” and has to explain the connection.

Step 7. As each object is played, it is placed on the play space next to the last object creating a long line of objects.

Step 8. The game is over when all the pieces are chosen from the basket.

Furthermore: To make this game more challenging for older children you can have them match two attributes for each object and after each turn retrace the line objects remembering each attribute.