Pumpkin Seed Art

pumpkinseedart What is inside a pumpkin?


  • To develop skills involving estimation, 1-1 correspondence, counting to 100, recycling, process art, texture, color mixing, observation and descriptive language

Before You Start: Gather a large pumpkin and materials for scooping and saving seeds, bucket or bowl to wash seeds, towel to dry seeds upon, 100 chart big enough for 1 seed to fit in each square, 3-6 zip-closure bags, cardboard, glue, small craft bowls/dishes, craft sticks, construction paper and Liquid Watercolor™ paint.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Scoop out a pumpkin and save the seeds.

Step 2. Wash and dry them. Guess how many are there. Count them by placing 1 seed on each square of a 100 chart.

Step 3. Place each set of 100 seeds in a Ziplock bag. When all of the seeds are counted, give each child 10-20 seeds (or have them count out their own seeds), a piece of cardboard or collage tray, and 3 dishes of white glue dyed with Liquid Watercolor™ (red, yellow, blue).

Step 4. Let each child design a collage with the glue and seeds using craft sticks to drizzle the glue onto the board. Discuss what the materials feel like: wet seeds when you scoop the pumpkin, dry seeds when you are counting, and wet glue vs. dry glue.

Step 5. Display your art with a list of children's comments.

Furthermore: This project takes 3-5 days to complete all of the steps.

Products You May Need: