Duck Pond

duckpond This is a fun way to help children identify letters or numbers.


  • To help children with letter/number recognition, along with taking turns

Before You Start: Cut simple duck shapes from yellow contact paper (or laminated construction paper). Attach each duck to the side of a juice box. Cut out a square piece of contact paper and attach to the opposite side of the box. Using a permanent marker, print a letter or number on each square piece of paper. Place the boxes in a large container or kiddie pool that is half full of water (ducks faced up).

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Have the children take turns picking a duck from the water.

Step 2. Ask the children to identify the letter/number on the bottom side of the box.

Step 3. If the child correctly identifies it, he/she points to a friend.

Step 4. That child must quack like a duck.

Products You May Need: