Texture Circle


I present to the children a white plastic lazy Susan type of tray with separate compartments filled with materials of different textures such as foam shapes, feathers, pom pom balls, fake fur, bits of colored tissue paper, yarn, etc. I give them a piece of paper with an outline of an object such as a circle if we are talking about circles and some glue poured into small containers with small brushes.


  • To provide the children with an open ended experience that allows them to express themselves creatively as well as experience a sensory activity
  • They are also able to make their own choices as to how their project comes out. The goal is the experience of the process for the children, not the outcome of the product

Before You Start:
Have the children put art smocks on. Cover the tables with newspaper. Put the lazy Susan tray with all the compartments filled with items of different textures, being careful that nothing is small enough to be a choking hazard. Fill small containers with glue and put small brushes in the containers. Perhaps give the children a piece of paper with something we have been talking about outlined on it, such as a circle, varying the kinds of paper used. Sometimes it is construction paper; sometimes it is colored cut up matte boards, etc.

Let's Get Started!
Step 1.
Tell the children they can use the materials in the tray to create whatever they like on the paper.

Step 2.
Say nothing about staying in or outside of the lines of the object, such as the circle. They’ll jump right in!

Each finished project is unique to each child. Some children stay inside the lines of the outline and some go outside the lines. All is fine! The outline is just to give them a starting place.

Products You May Need: