All About Me Placemat

meplacemat This can be a great activity for thinking about goals for the new school year, or remembering summer activities.


  • To focus on the children's creativity and interests and get them excited about summer or motivated for the coming year

Before You Start: Have the children choose a color of Heavyweight Construction Paper. Also have available a variety of decorations, including magazine cutouts of toys, animals, places, etc. Have a variety of stickers available (they can be food, animals, flowers, cartoon characters, sports, etc.) and glue. Take pictures of the class or individual photos of each child. The children can help brainstorm other decoration ideas.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Give each child a piece of construction paper.

Step 2. Have each child decorate their paper with things they enjoy.

Step 3. After they decorate the paper, have them put their signature and date on the back.

Step 4. Take the placemats to a copy shop and have them laminated.

Furthermore: These placemats can also be great keepsakes for parents!

Products You May Need: