Crazy Color Mix

crazycolormix Summer fun in the sprinklers!


  • To experiment with mixing colors together to create a new color on the color wheel

Before You Start: You will need: several sprinklers and a few small tubs of fresh water, assorted brush sizes, an extra adult, old beach towels, Colorations® Simply Washable Tempera Paint and Colorations® Heavyweight Construction Paper cut into squares to make color charts. You will also need tables or TV tray type stands - enough for each color you are mixing.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Set up the color stations beforehand - the extra adult can distract with snacks!

Step 2. Have the kids put on bathing suits and start the sprinklers.

Step 3. The kids get to mix the colors on their arms, legs, bellies, etc.

Step 4. After they get the desired color, they go back to the sprinkler and wash off to start another round.

Furthermore: Not recommended for the smaller kids because of paint in the eyes. Groups of three work best if you only have one helper.

Products You May Need: