Caring Pocket Card

pocketcard Kids will create a fun sea-themed craft.


  • To create an original card
  • To encourage fine motor skills

Before You Start: Gather materials: cardstock, foam shapes (or foam sheets), stickers, scissors, glue, metallic markers/pens and other collage items (optional).

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Cut the cardstock into pieces of approximately 4" x 6".

Step 2. Cut a "pocket" that is one third to one half the vertical size of the base.

Step 3. Have kids use a glue stick to apply a narrow strip of glue to the bottom and sides of the pocket card (only part way up the sides).

Step 4. Attach pocket to the bottom of the base card.

Step 5. Provide kids with a variety of decorative items to decorate their cards such as 3-D foam sticky fish or stickers of underwater creatures.

Step 6. Older kids might like to use gold or silver metallic pens to add bubbles or messages to the card.

Step 7. Copy letter for this activity out of publishers craft book.

Step 8. The pocket can be decorative or children can place a small surprise inside, such as a wrapped piece of candy, pencil, eraser, bracelet and more!

Furthermore: It is a great opportunity to also discuss different bodies of water, such as the world's various oceans, lakes and the fish that inhabit them.

Products You May Need: