Watercolor Jellyfish

watercolorjellyfish This project is usually done during our summer ocean theme. We discuss all types of creatures and their characteristics.


  • To swirl and blend the water-colored glue with their fingers just enough, but yet not mix the colors into a real mess
  • To see how colors can blend to make new ones

Before You Start: Buy disposable paper bowls, clear iridescent cellophane and wiggly eyes. Take clear glue and color with different Liquid Watercolor™ paints in several bowls. Cut cellophane into 1/2"–3/4" strips approximately 12" long.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Children choose two colors of Liquid Watercolor™ and glue mixtures and squirt onto overturned bowl.

Step 2. Children use fingers to blend the colors and cover the outside of the bowl.

Step 3. Let dry until slightly tacky and stick on two wiggly eyes.

Step 4. Let dry completely.

Step 5. When dry, turn over and make a line of glue around lip of bowl.

Step 6. Children take cellophane and place over the edge.

Step 7. Let dry.

Step 8. Then dry, string yarn in the top and hang in classroom. Catches the light really neat.

Furthermore: Hanging the completed jellyfish in front of the window is great, as it captures the sunlight and can sway in the breeze if a window is open.

Products You May Need: