Good Luck in California

The state of California is taking the opportunity to vote on a proposition to create a universal preschool. I wish the proponents of this proposition good luck. I do know that there are benefits when a child attends a quality preschool. The prospect of allowing every child to access preschool is exciting. Yes, it will take a lot of money and there will need to be monitoring of quality programs, but it is thrilling. With so many states who still don't require a child to attend kindergarten it is refreshing to hear about a state that is making an effort to support preschool children. Unfortunately, in our current society, it is evident that we must provide language and literacy support to children prior to kindergarten. It is more cost efficient to help a child begin the education process in a effective manner than fixing their deficits later in life. If the proposition in California passes, let's hope it is a giant step toward a better educational system and a good example to other states.