Bubble Wrap Printing

bubblewrapprinting Goal:

  • To enhance large muscle development and early math, science and reading skills by mixing paint and creating patterns and designs with this simple print-making technique

Before You Start: Attach large pieces (12" x 14") of bubble wrap to table top with masking tape. The bubbles should be large. Older (school age) children can use smaller sized bubbles. Place three colors of BioColor® on a palette or paper plate for each child. Seat one child per piece of bubble wrap. Arrange a pile of paper of the appropriate size and weight on the table within easy reach of each child and give each child a brush.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Ask the children to paint the bubbles different colors in a pattern or design.

Step 2. Have them place a sheet of paper on top, rub their hands over the entire project and lift, revealing their print.

Furthermore: Have the children write their names on their paper before they "bubble print." This not only helps their writing skills, but also is also easier – and cleaner – than writing on wet paper. The more prep steps you take, the more you will be able to engage the children in conversations about their experiences. Many things can be taped to the tables to create simple printing: Try using cardboard with one side removed to reveal the corrugation. When dried, these types of printed papers also make excellent background pages for the children to create other pictures on top of or to cut up for collage pictures.

Products You May Need: