Progressive Color Landscapes

colorlandscapes For a color theme week, we select five colors to use. With this particular project we were focusing on the colors God created to help our world be beautiful and full of life.


  • To help children notice the colors of our planet and how we use them in our daily habits and enjoyment

Before You Start: You will need a large piece of white art paper with each child's name in the corner. Each day you will need to have the items below gathered and ready for your activity:

Day 1 - Two shades of blue construction paper cut into rectangles for the sky (older children or preschoolers can do their own cutting).

Day 2 - Yellow construction paper circles and narrow triangles for the sun.

Day 3 - Green strips of construction paper in two shades and scissors for fringe cutting to make grass.

Day 4 - Jumbo red stamp pads and ‘Community’ Easy Grip Stampers for adding signs of the community to their landscapes.

Day 5 – Miscellaneous purple items such as feathers, gems, sequins, foam shapes, etc.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Each day we discuss the color and how we see it outdoors around us. Provide that day's color item and give general instructions for placement, but allow them to create their own landscape.

Step 2. On the first day the rectangles can mix in with the background to form sky.

Step 3. On the second day the sun is made from the circle and the triangles for sunrays.

Step 4. On the third day shades of green allow for children to make their own interpretation of how grass should look.

Step 5. On the fourth day children pick their favorite stampers to create an activity or community landmark they like best.

Step 6. On the fifth day purple treasures are fun to add as another personal touch to the landscape.

Furthermore: Our class loved this progressive project and I got to give them an opportunity to work with many of the arts & crafts items I have on hand from DSS during the school year.

Products You May Need: