Science of Plant Development

scienceplants Watching plants grow is exciting. Raise this year's experience by allowing the children to watch the whole development, roots and all!


  • To be able to explain the growth process of a plant from seed to edible vegetable

Before You Start: Gather materials needed: Plastic test tubes, tops from two-liter bottles, icicle radish seeds or short carrot seeds, dirt, spoons, water in a cup or small bottle and a journal or notebook to keep notes in.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Ask children to predict how long it will take their seed to sprout, how tall the plant will be, how many roots will develop, or what it will turn out to be.

Step 2. Give each student a test tube. and top from a two-liter bottle. The bottle top is a stand for the test tube to be set in.

Step 3. Instruct each child to fill the test tube with dirt, add seed and a small amount of water.

Step 4. Watch as the roots develop and the radish grows!

Furthermore: This can be expanded to an experiment on how water effects plant growth by measuring the amount of water used, and having different groups vary the amount of water they need. I have also made a compost pile in the fall and then had half the class use the compost and half use regular soil for additional experiments.

Products You May Need: