Ocean Collaborative

oceancollaborative This is an interdisciplinary-based curriculum including earth science and the visual arts. Expressive therapies could also be included, if appropriate.


  • To encourage appreciation for nature and introduce the exploration of earth sciences

Before You Start: If possible, arrange for an offsite trip to the ocean and/or gather ocean items to be used in the collage assemblage including sand, pebbles, sea glass and seaweed.

You will need fabric dye, white muslin and textured fabrics along with bric brac items (tulle and terry cloth), tempera paint, tacky glue and model magic clay which can be formed and painted with a tempera and sand mixture, to represent starfish and shells.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Explore tactile ocean finds.

Step 2. Dye the muslin fabric the colors of sand, ocean water and sky.

Step 3. When fabric is dry, cut into small collage pieces and adhere to previously designed background fabric to represent the oceanscape layers of sand and shore, water and sky.

Step 4. Final layers would include the ocean finds.

Furthermore: During on site class, play an environmental (ocean themed) CD while working on the assemblage. Include terminology such as Trompe – L’oeil (a process that creates a 3-d effect on the page), assemblage, collaboration, ocean environment and sea life creatures.

Products You May Need: