Garden Stones

gardenstones Creating colorful garden stones is a great way to help bring home constant reminders of personal goals, affirmations, positive thoughts, and a supportive marker around the yard that does not wash away when the storms come through.


  • Hand-eye coordination
  • To learn safety around hot objects
  • To learn how to follow instructions and directions
  • To create a transitional object to place at home as a reminder of the project and the meaning behind the image portrayed

Before You Start: You will need a stove, cooking pot, metal tongs, box of crayons, heat resistant mat or surface, and crayon remover liquid.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Collect large stones with smooth surfaces and boil them on the stove.

Step 2. Take out a box of crayons and lay out all of the colors.

Step 3. After water has boiled, remove stones from the pot safely with tongs and place on heat-resistant area.

Step 4. Hold stones with tongs and place a desired crayon on the stone's surface.

Step 5. Let the crayon melt onto the stone.

Step 6. Move the crayon around the surface area for desired image or pattern.

Furthermore: Because the stones are very hot, crayons melt and then cool on the surface. The waxy outside adds a glossy shine to the image with a lasting effect for the unexpected weather changes. To store the stones or give as gifts, cut a square piece of fabric large enough to envelope the stone and fold the corners inward. Tie the stone with a beautiful piece of string or ribbon.

Products You May Need: