ABC Parachute Play

parachute Give each child a flashcard with a letter of the alphabet on it. Put a duplicate set of flashcards under the parachute. Children lift the parachute as a group and one at a time, as the teacher calls out the letter, go under the parachute to find their matching letter. Or if the child has an uppercase letter, he or she can find the lowercase, while the other kids raise the parachute up and keep it up.


  • Teach children their ABCs through letter recognition and matching
  • Use gross motor skills to hold up the parachute while one child goes under it to look for their matching card

Before You Start:

You will need a large parachute for about 8-12 kids and two sets of ABC flashcards.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Place one set of flashcards under the parachute on the floor, face up, and spread out so kids can see all the cards. If there are 10-12 kids, only use 10-12 cards, not the entire alphabet.

Step 2. Give a matching card or upper vs. lowercase card to each child.

Step 3. One at a time, call their name as they go under the parachute while the other children are lifting it up like a tent.

Step 4. The child has to go under and find their matching card and tell you what letter it is.

Furthermore: You can do this with magnetic letters instead of flashcards or numbers too.

Products You May Need: