Puzzle Friends

puzzlefriends This fun activity makes a great circle time or group project.


  • To promote hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

Before You Start:

Take numerous pictures of children in the classroom while engaging in a variety of activities. Develop the pictures into size 5" x 7" or larger. Glue the pictures onto card stock using acid free glue. Cut the pictures into puzzles containing 6-8 pieces per puzzle. Bag the photos individually.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Each child chooses a bag and shakes the puzzle pieces up.

Step 2. The children put together the puzzles while guessing whom it could be.

Furthermore: Puzzles are a lot more fun when it is of a classmate or you. This can also be done with large group photos in an 8" x 10" size. The children enjoy taking this home at the end of the year.

Products You May Need: