Multicultural Cooking

multicook There are many multicultural products available to make the Dramatic Play corner more culturally sensitive, including toy foods, dress-up clothes, woks, tortilla presses, etc.


  • To expand on the concept of multiculturalism and to enhance the children's play experiences

Before You Start: Add small ethnic cookbooks (with lots of illustrations) to the dramatic play corner (Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Creole, Italian, etc.)

Let's Get Started! Step 1. At Circle Time, present the cookbooks to the children & talk about how people from different parts of the world eat different kinds of foods.

Step 2. Plan a weekly cooking project from the cookbooks.

Step 3. Keep the cookbooks in the Dramatic Play corner. Add books to the library corner about foods of the world.

Step 4. Add interesting foods and spices to the science corner (different kinds of beans to classify & count, different kinds of peppers to examine and smell, spices to smell, etc.).

Furthermore: Invite parents to share family recipes, and create a recipe card file to add to the dramatic play area. Create a center cookbook to distribute to all of your families (be sure to put one in dramatic play too). Do cooking projects from your center cookbook, and invite parents to come and prepare their family recipe with the children.

Products You May Need: