Sea Life

sealife After introducing a curriculum on sea life and fish, have the children create a water scene using Colorations® Liquid Watercolors and fish stencils.


  • By combining the painting project with the learning topic, children can comprehend the sea life concepts that were introduced

Before You Start: You will need: Colorations® glue, colored sand, fish or whale stencils, Liquid Watercolors™ in turquoise, green, blue and other bright colors, paint pallets, white paper 12" x 18" and wiggly eyes.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Pour the liquid paint colors into paint pallets. Add only the paint that the children will be using during each step.

Step 2. Using the stencils, have children paint a fish or whale in a bright color of his or her choice.

Step 3. Paint over the entire paper using the green, blue, and/or turquoise watercolors.

Step 4. Paint a strip of glue on the bottom of the paper.

Step 5. Sprinkle the colored sand over the glue.

Step 6. Add wiggly eyes to the fish.

Step 7. Now children have a portrait of their sea creatures!

Furthermore: The picture will look as if the fish or whale is swimming through the ocean.

Products You May Need: