Painted Earth

paintedearth The beauty of Earth’s natural colors used with collage art from nature's resources.


  • To add color to our world while seasons change and introduce the process of change at the same time

Before You Start: Gather materials needed for activity: Any color sand, paint brushes, Make It Glitter and BioColor® paints, an extra-large flat square piece of cardboard, clear liquid glue, various sizes and shapes of smooth leaves, twigs and small pine cones.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Allow four children per project while children first paint twigs and small pinecones.

Step 2. Use cardboard as both the project drop cloth and to display the collage when they have all finished painting and gluing on the cardboard.

Step 3. Talk to the children about all of the changes each plant will go through as the seasons change. Talk to the children about how they change every year also!

Furthermore: This can be modified with finger-paints and glue for younger preschoolers or with watercolor and glue for the older preschoolers with finer small motor skills. A record of the project being completed with pictures and quotes recorded during the project are good for the display documentation. Fun!

Products You May Need: