Valentine Surprise

valentinesurprise An art activity that also teaches skills and concepts in a fun and creative way. Fine motor, cognitive, & creativity are covered with this activity.


  • To teach children size differences
  • To improve math skills (counting)
  • To teach children colors

Before You Start:

You will need construction paper, scissors, regular white paper and crayons.

Let's Get Started!

Step 1.

Cut out different sized hearts from white construction paper.

Step 2.

Hide the pieces of paper under another piece of regular paper.

Step 3.

Have the children color on the plain paper to reveal the hidden hearts.


Have the children count the hearts, compare the sizes, and color with different crayons to teach about colors. You can also use different textures of paper (sand paper, crinkled paper, etc.) to make the activity even more creative.

Products You May Need: