Heart Ornament

heartornament An easy arts and crafts activity for four year olds. The child will create a wooden bead and pipe cleaner shape to hang for Valentine’s Day.


  • This activity reinforces fine motor strengthening, patterning and insertion skills, and holiday traditions

Before You Start:

Fill small containers with red wooden beads and smaller golden beads. Have a pipe cleaner for each child plus enough beads to string the length of the pipe cleaner. (15 - 20 depending on the size of the beads.)

Let's Get Started!

Step 1.

After a class discussion on Valentine’s Day, family and the love we share on this day and every day, place this activity at the art center.

Step 2.

Bend the pipe cleaner into a "V." The child adds the wooden beads to both ends, patterning red bead, gold bead, until both sides of the pipe cleaner are full.

Step 3.

With a little help from a teacher, the ends of the pipe cleaner are twisted together and the craft is shaped into a heart shape.

Step 4.

Add an ornament hanger and the craft is ready to be hung or given as a Valentine’s Day gift at home or school.


This craft can easily be made into other shapes like candy canes, bells and snowmen.

Products You May Need: