The Weather Report

weatherreportThe weather report – which is sometimes right and sometimes wrong – predicts many different weather occurrences. This activity will encourage children to forecast their own weather reports. Goals:

  • To describe and discuss weather predictions
  • To familiarize children with seasonal vocabulary

Before You Start: Discuss different kinds of weather with the children. What kind of weather do they experience from season to season?

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Has bad weather ever changed or interrupted the children's plans? Do they ever listen to the weather report on television or radio?

Step 2. Show children images of weather conditions and discuss.

Step 3. Talk about current weather conditions. Then have the children forecast their own weather reports using the images as a guide.

Step 4. Chart the children's predictions on the poster board. See if the children's predictions prove to be correct by discussing the weather each day.

Furthermore: Provide various arts and crafts materials to the children. Encourage them to make a picture of their favorite kind of weather (e.g., cotton balls for snow, blue string for rain, etc.). Hang the weather pictures in the classroom.

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