Thanksgiving Expressions

thanksgivingexpressions Talk about all the personal traits and characteristics that make each of us special.


  • Students will express themselves through art
  • Students will compare and contrast ways in which they are unique and special

Before You Start: Students should each bring in a light colored or white pillowcase. The teacher can use brown dye or tea bags to dye the pillowcases, and prepare various sponge stamps, paintbrushes, and paints. You will also need Colorations® Fabric Medium and a book of American Indian symbols.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. We end the Marvelous Me unit of study by representing personal characteristics in a variety of ways.

Step 2. We then turn our attention to the traditions and symbols of Thanksgiving and the first feast (our school holds a “feast” for the students and their guests).

Step 3. We take the dyed pillowcases and turn them into American Indian vests by cutting neck and armholes and fringing the bottom.

Step 4. We then the help the children decorate (paint) symbols and signs, which represent characteristics that make them unique.

Furthermore: As we prepare for Thanksgiving and our "feast" we carry this concept one step further by having the children identify and "express" themselves by creating a Native American costume illustrating these traits and characteristics.

Products You May Need: