Blotter Art

blotterart So easy – perfect for a preschooler’s first art project!


  • To encourage creativity and self-expression
  • To explore color blending, positive and negative space

Before You Start: Gather materials needed for the activity and set out where preschoolers can reach: BioColor®, Nancy™ bottles, white sulfite paper and scissors. Pre-fill Nancy™ bottles ahead of time with a variety of colors of BioColor® paint. You may want the area to be covered and protected from paint with a cloth or newspapers. Smocks may also be considered to protect children's clothing.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Fold and crease any sheet of paper and open flat again.

Step 2. Using a Nancy™ Bottle, squeeze 4 or 5 dime-sized dots of different BioColor® along the center fold.

Step 3. Re-fold the paper along original crease.

Step 4. Press firmly on the folded paper to move BioColor® towards the edges of the sheet.

Step 5. Open your sheet to see your beautiful blotter design!

Step 6. Optional: Place another sheet of clean paper on top of your blotter design and rub briskly.

Step 7. Remove top sheet and unveil your positive and negative design.

Furthermore: BioColor® is a wonderful medium that can be used for many other art activities, such as fabric painting, resist projects, wood painting, scraper art, window and easel painting and so much more! It's so versatile and doesn't crack or fade when dry, for long-lasting art projects children will treasure.

Products You May Need: