Goofy Ghosts

goofyghosts Create Goofy Ghosts by making white footprints on black construction paper. Add wiggly eyes and glitter glue squiggly arms and crazy hair.


  • To create sensory stimulation
  • To practice math skills (how many toes on each foot print?)
  • To practice creative expression
  • To practice fine motor skills
  • To practice taking turns

Before You Start: You will need black construction paper, white paint, paintbrushes, wiggly eyes and glitter glue. A wash bin or nearby area to wash painted feet should be made available.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Instruct children to remove shoes and socks.

Step 2. Children get a turn to have the teacher paint the bottom of his/her feet with white paint and then step on their piece of black construction paper.

Step 3. The toes of the painting should face down with the eyes of the ghost on the heel.

Step 4. Allow paint to dry and provide children with glitter glue and wiggly eyes to create their goofy ghost.

Step 5. This activity can also be done with hand prints (closed fingers, face down).

Furthermore: Encourage children to explore how many arms, eyes, and strands of hair the ghost should have.

Products You May Need: