Liquid Watercolor Webbing

liquidwebbing Create a Halloween masterpiece from Liquid Watercolor™ and webbing.


  • When children have a finished project, encourage them to tell you a story about their artwork
  • To teach children how to paint with a different medium

Before You Start: You will need 11" x 17" white paper, 12" x 18" colored paper to use as mounting, 6" x 6", 3" x 6", 3" x 5" assorted pieces of black construction paper for bug, crayons to draw and design bugs, Colorations® Liquid Watercolor (blues, greens, yellows) for the weeds, spray bottles of Liquid Watercolor™ in blues and purples for the sky, Halloween cob webbing in orange (or use Colorations® Colored Glue to create a cobweb), plastic straws, eye droppers and clear glue.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. First explain to children what the project is and show samples of simple bugs. For younger kids, you could use your tracers or stamps.

Step 2. With the Liquid Watercolor™ in spray bottles, help the children spray a fine mist of colors for the background. Receive the best results when you limit the colors to three.

Step 3. With the background drying, help the children make simple bugs on the black construction paper.

Step 4. The finished bugs may have patterns or simple colors and when that step is finished, the students cut out around the bugs and place them to the side.

Step 5. The backgrounds dry quickly and so children can then use the eye droppers to "puddle" the Colorations® Liquid Watercolor on the bottom edge of the white paper. Each little puddle needs to have lots of watercolor so the children can blow with the straws to create bushes and weeds.

Step 6. The direction of the weeds is controlled by the direction of the blowing. It is easiest if the child is close to the puddle and blows on the level of the paper.

Step 7. When the weeds are dry, the cob webbing can be stretched to create a spider web; each web will look different.

Step 8. With small amounts of glue, children can attach the webbing to the paper.

Step 9. Lastly, have children glue the bugs on the webbing for the final touch!

Furthermore: This is a project that can be done with 1st graders but is easier for 3rd graders and older ages. It creates a wonderful work of art and allows children to try a new technique that is very simple and easy to do!

Products You May Need: