Painted T-Shirts

paintedtshirts Whether you are teaching clothing or colors, this activity is great for any age and in any language.


  • Allow children free artistic expression and develop fine motor skills when learning about clothes and colors

Before You Start:

Trace a large t-shirt template on white butcher paper for each child. Have the children cut out the t-shirts using Colorations® Comfort Grip Scissors. Create a paint station using Colorations® Simply Washable Tempera. Fill paint cups half-full of paint and place a paintbrush in each cup. Finally, create a bulletin board for display of the final product.

Let's Get Started!

Step 1.

In small groups, allow children to paint a t-shirt any way they choose.

Step 2.

After the t-shirts are dry, hang them up on the display, mimicking a clothesline.


Children should be encouraged to share and discuss their art with the class. Additional articles of clothing could also be made.

Products You May Need: