Acrylic Painting

acrylicpainting Great for note cards!


  • To encourage creativity and fine motor skills
  • To have a unique craft that can also be used for gifts

Before You Start: Gather materials needed: BioColor® paint, Nancy™ bottles, plastic/acrylic craft sheets, white paper, BioColor® Shimmer Powder and paintbrushes. Pre-fill Nancy™ bottles with BioColor® paint.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Using Nancy™ Bottles, squeeze 2 to 4 dime-sized dots of paint onto one plastic/acrylic craft sheet.

Step 2. Place second sheet of acrylic on top, slightly overlapping and press gently.

Step 3. Lift top acrylic sheet – the paint will have spread and separated into an intricate design.

Step 4. Place sheet of paper on top of an acrylic sheet and gently touch paper around the outside edge. Gently pull paper off. (You can get two prints from each piece of acrylic.)

Step 5. Optional: Using a dry brush, sprinkle with gold and silver BioColor® Shimmer Powder and blow off excess. Result will be a beautiful embossed effect.

Step 6. Perfect for cards, paper mobiles, ocean or forest scenes and more.

Furthermore: Create seasonal designs using BioColor® and use for holiday/occasion cards. You can also transform your artwork into fun placemats: simply laminate the papers once they are dry.

Products You May Need: