String Creations

stringcreations This is a fun way to learn how primary colors can blend to make new exciting colors. The outcome of this craft is a beautiful work of art!


  • Observe how the colors blend together to make new ones!

Before You Start: Give each child 2 sheets of art paper, paint in 3 primary colors (poured into a bowl), and about 5-10 long cloth strings.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Instruct the children to submerge each string into one color of paint.

Step 2. Lift the string out of the paint and place it onto the paper.

Step 3. Continue until all strings are placed on the paper, with one of each of the ends sticking out.

Step 4. After the first steps are completed, have the children place the second piece of paper on top of the painted strings.

Step 5. Place a book or something heavy on top of the second sheet. This will help the strings come out slower, creating a better effect.

Step 6. Take one string at a time and start pulling them out slowly.

Step 7. When you are all done, lift the book and top piece of paper off and look at what you created!

Furthermore: The strings can overlap, and may even produce better results. Also, if working with older children, you can advise them to pull in different directions while pulling out a string. This will create wiggly lines, and will run into other colors. It may be helpful to tape the two sheets of paper together at two corners so the top sheet won't slide around.

Products You May Need: