Spectacular Sparkler Crowns

sparklercrowns These simple crowns are a festive accessory that are easy for children to make and wear to celebrate the Fourth of July!


  • To develop creativity and fine motor skills
  • To encourage beginning patterning and reinforce color recognition
  • To have fun developing a unique crown kids can wear or display

Before You Start: Gather sheets of craft foam in red, white, blue. Collect sticker stars or cut star shapes ahead of time out of shiny embossed or metallic paper (the teacher could also have the students bring foil to use from home), sparkly pipe cleaners, scissors, pencils, large paper clips and blue masking tape.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Help children cut the red, white and blue craft foam into strips about 3" wide. The strips do not need to be cut perfectly straight; allowing them to vary the size encourages self expression and creativity. They will need about 6-8 strips each.

Step 2. Have children lay the strips of foam side by side, alternating the colors if they wish. You may want to ask the children to identify the various colors. This is also a great opportunity to talk to the children about patterns.

Step 3. Show children how to apply a piece of blue tape across the foam strips about 1" from the bottom to hold them together. Help them tape their own crowns, gently wrapping the ends of any excess tape around the back. The teacher may want to also have the children tape across the back to reinforce the crowns.

Step 4. Have the children cut a few fringes (about 1/2") in each of the foam strips, starting at the top and ending right above the tape, to create a feathered effect. (Again, self expression is more important than the fringes being cut straight.)

Step 5. Let children decorate the base of the crowns any way they like.

Step 6. Now add sparkle to the crowns with pipe cleaners. Demonstrate how to wrap a pipe cleaner around a pencil and make it look like a spring. Have children repeat with their own pipe cleaners and then tape them on the inside of their crowns, between the fringed pieces.

Step 7. When the children are ready to wear their crowns, simply help them wrap around their head and secure with a large paper clip or tape. They can also be displayed around the classroom for the holiday.

Furthermore: This craft can be adjusted to accompany different themes in curriculum or season by varying the variety of colors of craft foam provided for the children to create with. The children can also use all sorts of other foam shapes, glitter, stickers and collage materials to decorate and personalize their crowns.

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